AM General HMMWV by Vantagefield


I have a feeling that if you're reading this you'll also enjoy, which is where pretty much all of the information in this article comes from. What I'd like to know is: in what year was the UK coachbuilder Vantagefield sent some HMMWV's for conversion? 

Sadly, the Vantagefield website has no information on this particular model.

According to, these were sourced somewhere between AM General and the US Army, all arranged for Al Zayani, some sort of Kuwaiti investment company. I'm not sure who you call to procure a state-of-the-art military vehicle from the U.S. Government, but chances are he didn't keep playing phone tag with whom he made the request.

However sketchy that deal sounds, the result—taller bodywork and all—is an interesting example of what the Hummer H1 may have looked like had GM Styling been asked to make it look less…term…threatening? All squared-off, with a straight front bumper, two more headlights, vents on the back, and smoothed-out doors, I think it's attractive for what it is.

And no longer required to be austere for military use on the inside, the coachbuilder added all of the usual kit found in an off-road hunting rig, including a hydraulically-lifted chair. Leather? Of course. Interesting, at least to me, is that the middle row was raised in order to squeeze in more room for passengers. Two in the front, four in the middle, and three in the rear means this would have been one awkward boarding session, especially in desert attire, with rifles, champagne, and sashes in tow. 

With so little information online, I thought I should mention that has a bunch of other great (watermarked) photos of Vantagefield's most epic creation.