Citroën Radar

The Citroën 2CV is brilliant, of course, no disputing that.

But if your name is Robert Radar, the standard 2CV wouldn't cut it. The Belgian had a Citroën garage in Liège, and decided to use the latest body-building craze—fibreglass—for a 2CV-based sports car.

Now, it may look a bit silly, but giving the 2CV a swoopier body does wonders for performance. Sources say it'd touch 125 km/h (77 mph), which is a small miracle because in 1956 the larger 602-cc engine hadn't been introduced. 425-cc? For that speed? Not bad at all.

It took two years, but by 1958 the Belgian Citroën importer had convinced the powers-that-be to approve a limited series of cars, to be called the Citroën Radar. Apparently, 50 were planned but 25 were built, with the survivors at about five or six today. This is entirely too few in my opinion—hell, there are probably 10,000 SsangYong Rodius crossovers for every surviving Radar.

That said, when researching this car, I came across an article with very good news: there's a concern who announced an additional run of seven Radarinettes. With new technology, including better materials and more powerful engines, let's hope the new ones top 150 kph.