Dodge LRT

Did you know, that for one year the fastest-accelerating domestic vehicle was the Dodge Li'l Red Express, a fire-breathing muscle truck that looked like a Ford F-150 SVT Lightning that had been designed in Branson, MO? has a ton of information on the truck, but before you go hog wild, consider for a moment a modern, city-sized (read: mid-or-smaller) truck. I'm talking about a Toyota Tacoma X-Runner shortened by a few feet, or a double cab Chevrolet Colorado that sports a short tail and "fastback" bed cover. 

If I could approach, say, 8 L/100km (29 U.S. mpg), I'd seriously consider a truck; throw in one of the new turbo 4-cylinders from the new breed of muscle cars and I'll politely suggest it should be offered in forest green. Price? Subaru BRZ money sounds about right.

This would never happen, of course, but the most economical route would to probably find one of this generation of Dakota, graft on a Ram 1500 front clip and fender flares, and fit the Dodge Dart's optional 1.4-litre turbo engine. Or just start with a Ram 1500. Or do none of those things.

In 1990, Dodge channelled the spirit of the Li'l Red Express into a Viper-not-Branson-inspired take on the small, short, city slickin' pickup truck. Information on the truck is thin, but I suspect it's a Ram'd Dakota, judging by this earlier version of the concept. 

I could do without the leather seats, and would rather it be rally-inspired than Viper-inspired, but with a nip here and tuck there, I can imagine being quite content behind the wheel of a targa-top'd sport truck.

One more thing: I'll take two bicycles instead of the ATV. kthxbai