Fiat Lucciola by Italdesign


Recycling makes a lot of sense, of course, and Giorgetto Giugiaro and his firm Italdesign are masters. Whereas in the old days, carrozzeria would adapt an ever-changing set of styling cues to different chassis. That was easy with body-on-frame construction, but these days, unibodies are comparatively tough to re-skin.

In this case, you're looking at Italdesign's kind of dorky proposal for an updated Cinquecento or reborn Fiat 500. Built, as far as I can tell, using a modified Cinquecento chassis, this backpack-on-wheels was actually quite a complex hybrid underneath.

Interestingly—especially for 1993, it ran a combination of two rear motors with an output of 9.3 horsepower each and—get this—a 7.3 horsepower two-cylinder diesel engine up front. Combined, about 25 horsepower (which seems a bit low), but even Italdesign says its top speed was just 100 km/h (62 mph).

With an eye to eco-friendliness, it was made from recycled materials and rocked aluminum panels as well, and in a nod to the city cars we all know and love, had a two-stage roll-back roof. Just imagine, however, how yucky its backpack-on-the-dash would get over years of family car duty. Think of it as a kind of upmarket Chrysler CCV.

Anyway, back to recycling: doesn't this look familiar to you? Maybe…like a first-generation Daewoo Matiz? After Fiat passed on the design, Italdesign sold it to Daewoo—who used it as the base for Matiz, an OK but far-from-great city car.