Fiat Shellette by Michelotti

As I was browsing Netflix, I noticed a movie called Weekend of a Champion…and wait, was that tartan? Yes! I'm not sure how I missed a documentary produced by Roman Polanski that follows Jackie Stewart around during the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix, but I watched it immediately.

Now, this isn't a movie review—but maybe we'll get one up soon at—but a few minutes in I noticed Stewart giving a tour of the circuit in what appeared to be a coral-coloured Fiat Shellette by Michelotti. It's difficult to tell, but the car Stewart drives around Monte Carlo wears the same trademark bull nosed styling, shape of its bikini top, and what appears to be a flat rear end.

I highly recommend checking out the movie, because it's just incredible—the release of its crisp, clear footage and candid look at the Grand Prix scene happened only just in 2013, thanks to its release on Netflix. I'll also suggest that its depiction of the Shellette is probably the only time a Formula 1 World Champion has driven a Shellette and probably the fastest one has been driven around Monte Carlo. 

Why is this a special thing? Well, for starters, the Shellette has the structural rigidity of rope liquorice, is powered by a weedy 843-cc four-cylinder engine, and packs a whopping 47 horsepower. I'm sure its drum brakes on all four wheels impressed Stewart. 

That said, I do love the idea of designing a car that's permanently on holiday, and Michelotti delivered. Only 80 were made, and owners included Jacqueline Onassis. It evolved from the DAF Kini by Michelotti—a car built for the Dutch Royal Family and previously featured on #bcotd—and ended up as a favourite of the world's elite.

He probably joked about driving it at the time, but Stewart has since become a 'Sir'. Maybe the Shellette is, somehow pre-programmed to end up in the hands of the world's elite.