Ford Fiesta Bebop by Ghia

I cover Ghia quite often, but don't worry, the carrozzeria has a few hundred more designs to chose from. It's a bit cruel to even call this car a Ghia, however, because when this car was introduced in 1990, the coachbuilder had been reduced to the ignominy of having its name glued to this most lame of concepts.

This type of concept isn't uncommon, and there have long been hilariously misguided attempts at creating a compelling vehicle for those who lived an "active lifestyle". (They bought Subaru Outbacks and Foresters instead.) 

Unlike yesterday's Renault Rodeo 5, the Bebop wasn't designed to be actually driven off-road or used by people who had work to do. Disappointingly, it was a yuppie express, with a personalty as thin as its cheesy cheetah'd vinyl graphics. You may think I'm being hard on the little 'ute, but watch the official launch video below; yikes.

Raphael Orlove at Jalopnik says he wants one, but I think he can do better—perhaps a Toyota Celica Sunchaser, sir?