Ford ShocccWave should get a gold star for writing about the 1990 Ford ShocccWave concept way back in 2013, and a platinum star for wondering aloud who the hell is pictured in the photos. It looks like Roger Penske, or perhaps Dallas was hoping to liven up the show by giving one of the heroes a manufacturer-supplied car, like on Viper

Before you ask, the three Cs are for Ford's "Concept Center California"—but I can't seem to figure out where exactly that facility is. The important thing to note is that this car was powered by the Taurus SHO's V6 engine and had an all-wheel-drive system to match. Like other cars from this era, Ford was experimenting with an extremely ergonomic, adjustable cockpit and even adjustable aerodynamics—its pert rear spoiler moves up and down depending on its speed.

It's kind of like a better, more advanced Probe. Do you think it would have sold? Certainly not if Cowboy Hal was its target audience…