Ghia Selene II

Art is, generally speaking, expensive. And so my top art collecting tip this Sunday night involves clearing some space in your shed for an old concept car like the Ghia Selene II.

We're comparing the Selene II to sculpture because, well, this concept isn't a runner. If you're expecting company and need some extra floor space, yes, you'll also have to push the Selene out of the way. Penned by Virgil Exner, Jr. after he left Chrysler, to my eyes it'd look perfect next to the General Motors Firebird in the driveway of a mid-century home.

A follow-up to the architectural Selene, which was designed by Tom Tjaarda, in many ways the Selene II was a step back in time to the Jet Age '50s. Its bubble canopy and tail fin are a long way from the gradually sharpening of cars through the '60s. Probably the most interesting thing about it was its novel five passenger layout, complete with centre driving position. 

The Selene II, among other concept cars, was offered during Ford's great sell-off of its assets as the company began to trim down in anticipation for coming financial difficulties through the '00s. In 2002 it sold for a little more than $88,000, which is quite a lot to pay for a non-running car.

For a piece of mid-century sculpture, however, it's probably not a bad price to pay at all.