JLOC Lamborghini Countach by Art Sports


Like all of us who grew up in the '80s, I have a special attraction to the Lamborghini Countach. Yes, of course, it drives kinda like shit and yes, it's as useful as a one-sided die, but—let's face it—you still want one.

This will be a short entry because, well, there's not much to say about this competition-ready Countach. Conceived by racing car designer Teruaki Terai, a member of the Japanese Lamborghini Owner's Club, this Countach began life as…a Countach. A Countach that had been (nearly) lost to a fire.

Working to reinforce the car and fix the damage, Terai assembled a small group of friends and colleagues who were dedicated to competing in the reborn JGTC racing series, which had launched just a year prior in 1993. That's right: this Countach was entered into competition four years after production ended.

You may notice that the car has a mix of styling cues from a number of Countach models, and I think that's because on the official JCOC website, a "plastic body" is mentioned. I'm not sure if that's referring to the entire car, sections of it, or just the windows, but the car does have a more aggressive appearance. 

Interestingly, the car was stock, apart from its brakes, wheels, and tires. Amazingly, it was classified in the faster GT-1 class…and was comprehensively beat by its Nissan Skyline and Porsche 911 RSRs…

Driven by cartoonist and modeller Satoshi Ikezawa and Takao Wada (who three years earlier survived this wild ride) at Fuji Speedway, the 1994 championship was just five rounds long. Earning just three points at the second race at Sendai Circuit and finishing out of the points at Sportsland Sugo, the car retired from the three other races it competed in.

Bad-ass? Definitely. Fast? Not really. But when has the Countach ever been judged by how great of a car it is?