Lister-Jaguar XJS 7.0 Le Mans coupé

Le Mans is on right now, and let me tell you: its name doesn't exactly inspire many great production cars. For the number of drivers and manufacturers who have participated in the event since the beginning, road cars named "Le Mans" haven't exactly been great.

In this case, neither Jaguar nor Lister had any business putting "Le Mans" on an XJS coupé…but then again, its modifications would have been perfect for exploring the limits of the Mulsanne Straight: better suspension, brakes, body kit, 5-speed manual transmission, interior upgrades…two superchargers… The car above was offered at auction, and represents close to the ultimate specification that one of the 90 or so cars Lister upgraded over stock.

As the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans settles into the night, for some reason, this is the car I'd love to wring out on the track's long straightaway, and see if I could knock on the door of the 200 MPH Club with. Its modifications alone cost around £100k—that's what it took to turn the XJS into a supercar.

Even though this car has no business having "Le Mans" on its flanks, you've got to admit: a more-than-600-horsepower twin-supercharged V12 engine would have sounded epic traveling flat out on the Mulsanne Straight.