Maserati Medici by Italdesign

I think we can all agree that the sedan is all but dead.

This will be a short entry, as it's just not that fun to talk about Giorgetto Giugiaro's 1974 idea for a super sedan once you realize a new…Mercedes-Benz GLK (and up!) can provide just about every luxury found in this concept.

It's probably faster, too.

Better looking? No, definitely not—even though Giugiaro refined it into the Medici II (both were named after Italian nobility), the Medici is the type of vehicle I'd like to be driving in the future. His design brief for the car was simple: American comfort, with Italian power. 

A Maserati chassis gave its life for this car, as did a 5.0-litre Maserati V8. Inside, there was seating for six in the largely velour interior, with two smaller rear-facing seats sat in the middle of the cabin, presumably as foot stools for the rearmost passengers…or jump seats if the kids needed to ride along.

I rather like its lines, even though Italdesign went back to the drawing board and grafted on a more conventional, upright nose for the 1976 Medici II. Its closest modern equivalent would be a…Quattroporte? Aston Martin Rapide? Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

I think the old, wedgy Aston Martin Lagonda comes closest…and maybe the Rapide these days. But who wants a quick sedan when you can get a quick SUV? Isn't that just the pits that the people who want these sorts of fast, luxurious vehicles are turning away from the sedan?