Something you should be comfortable with is that will ruin just about any normal word, acronym, or otherwise innocent sound by giving it a meaning that is often abhorrent.

I suppose that by saying: "Don't look JIMP up on that website" will make you more likely to learn that some people apparently use the word in conversation…though probably not at the dinner table. 

I'd completely forgotten I came across the JIMP when researching the Sipani Montana, and was reminded of it when #bcotd reader @wesride pinged me on Twitter with a photo of one he saw at the Dezer Collection in Miami, Florida. Both the Montana and the JIMP are proof that though Reliant didn't have too much success revolutionizing UK roads, they did figure out how to convince factories and entrepreneurs in other countries to build its designs.

In this case, the JIMP was released in the early '80s, as sources say, and assembled in Sandbach, Cheshire by PK (Peter Kukla) Manufacturing. First, if you're really interested in the JIMP, just go here, the site is filled with everything you'd ever want to know about this trucklet. Anyway, its clamshell hood is pretty neat, and overall, it reminds me a lot of Sir William Towns' Hustler series.

Sixty-seven were made, and that's about the number of people I'd expect to be interested in a Reliant Kitten that got a tougher body shell in pickup, pickup with canvas top, van, or convertible form. Powered by a 40 horsepower 4-cylinder Reliant engine, you wouldn't be going anywhere fast—but for tidying up the yard, as some press photos show, I think that using a car is probably overkill…