Nissan 300 Bambu by Zagato


You get the impression of what's going on here, right? Nissan gives Zagato its best technology, and Zagato gives a sexy car in return. As the four-car union proved, probably two were unique enough to be interesting, and the other two weren't all that impressive.

The two I like? The Autech Stelvio Zagato, yes, the one with the enclosed fender-mounted side mirrors…and this car, the Z32 Nissan 300ZX-based Bambu.

Looking sort of like a modernized version of the Alfa Romeo Junior by Zagato, on-road it'd leave its older cousin in the dust—a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine will do that—and it's really a more sporty Z, while its sister car, the Seta, was more of a grand tourer.

There's not much more information to give out, other than: Zagato body on Nissan 300ZX chassis. Oh, and that one was apparently for sale. (Scroll down a bit or do a search!) Of the four prototypes built with Zagato below, only the Stelvio a year later, in 1993, reached limited production.