Nissan Autech Gavia by Zagato

This car exists, you see, it's been spotted out and about in Japan.

After two years of building Nissan 300ZX-based prototypes with Zagato styling, the automaker turned to its then-new Y32 Leopard—the first Leopard to not be offered as a coupé. (The one sold a generation before this one was offered in the U.S.—but not Canada—as the Infiniti M30.)

I call it a chiropractor's coupé—after all, it is a 280 horsepower, twin-turbocharged, Italian-styled car that looks softer than a foam mattress. And they painted a prototype beige? Seriously? Anyway, I imagine this is what you buy if you want to quick but don't care much for corners…a slightly sexier Toyota Solara, maybe.

As there's not much information on this car—or its three other siblings—but as always, I'll add it when I get it!