Ogle Triplex Glassback 10-20

Before you get too excited that this is some Volkswagen VR6-powered, all-wheel-drive sports wagon that managed to slip underneath everyone's radar and can now be bought for a song…sorry. This is a re-bodied Austin Princess. 

That said, it was up to Ogle Design in the late '70s to construct a show car around some groundbreaking technology: 10/20 laminated glass. Oh yes: when the company Triplex wanted a way to demonstrate its new laminated glass and very thin (3 mm) sunroof they turned to Ogle Design to capture people's attention with a station wagon.

You may remember Ogle from a story I did on the Ogle SX 1000 Coupé, a Mini-based two-door that even Stirling Moss fancied. After the company's namesake David Ogle died in an SX 1000, the firm continued as a design consultancy. This was its second car for Triplex.

And…that's pretty much it. I can't write much more about the car, because it's quite possibly the most boring concept/prototype ever made. Why else would they need to drape a woman all over it?