Oldsmobile Toronado XSR by ASC

I don't want to wade into the debate on how many ASC-bastardized Toronado prototypes are out there sporting the beautifully bent rear glass from the Toronado XS with sliding T-Tops from ASC. For a long time, there was only one…and now there are more.

Let's hope there are several more out in the world—after all, it's a lovely idea. 

Who wouldn't want a front-drive, 6.6-litre V8-powered, 200-horsepower, Malaise Era personal coupe with "Four Season" air conditioning and optional factory fit citizen's band radio? Oh yes.

And power sliding T-Tops.

The car was expected to be built, and so featured in early brochures for the Toronado lineup, priced at almost $3,000 more than you'd pay for the Brougham. Interestingly, it was only about $450 more to go from the "normal" XS featuring a sliding sunroof to the dual power T-Tops setup.

Problem? Engineers never could get the top to seal properly, which is sort of a problem. Good thing they tested these cars in Michigan, right? It's sort of a strange car—built by ASC to woo Oldsmobile into producing it; it's a business-to-business special that (like many similar cars) ended up in the hands of a normal person. Happens all the time: just Google "Tommy Hilfiger GMC Jimmy", a weird special that went from this to this.

It's neat that some of these cars still survive, though I don't exactly know why. If you want your own car with crisply bent rear glass, look for an XS: Oldsmobile made more than 5,100 of those in 1977 and 1978.