Pontiac Trans Sport

The upcoming electric Tesla Model X is a crossover, right? With gullwing doors…made in the U.S.…an advanced design…perhaps you may think that the fancy doors are a coincidence, but the original renderings clearly show a people mover designed to haul more than half-eaten animal crackers and overbearing grandparents.

Yeah, the Trans Sport isn't an SUV…er…"crossover" as the Model X is. But the family van is just an earlier form of the family crossover, isn't it? And watered down to appeal to the largest audience, of course—as we all know from the eventual dustbuster lineup. 

Raphael Orlove even titled a Jalopnik article about the van, "Was This GM Minivan The Greatest Letdown In Automotive History?"


This performance van had—for the kids, of course—a Nintendo, and was heavily promoted as part of the General Motors collaboration with Disney and specifically Epcot. (Ever ride the Test Track?)

Marshall Schuon in the New York Times said of the van in 1993, "…the functional Pontiac Trans Sport van of 1986 was a big hit, looking a lot like a monorail capsule and applying future-tech to what was hitherto a utilitarian box."

Dimming glass, a heads-up display, power (gullwing!) doors, rearview cameras… If Elon Musk wants to release a Model V, the Trans Sport would be a good place to start: add some LEDs and the future, by way of a 1986 Pontiac, is here today.