Rinspeed E-Go Rocket

This is another concept that made an impression on me, more for its intelligent use of headlights from the jellybean-gen Ford Taurus.

Mid-engined, and built on a tubular steel chassis, the E-Go Rocket was designed for a single person and—maybe—a road trip. The successor to the previously-covered Rinspeed Mono Ego, I'm not quite sure if any of these more modern neo-classic designs are all that compelling. Yes, it has a 410 horsepower supercharged V8 engine, and yes, it's mounted right behind the single denim-covered seat. I have no idea how it drives, but I estimate that with 1,050 kg (2,314 lbs) to haul around, performance is probably good enough to blog about. 

In typical Rinspeed fashion, the car is a mix of traditional and advanced; composite bodywork, monoposto design, and a simple, sort of boring shape. An admittedly neat feature is its windshield, an electrically-adjustable unit to provide a modicum of comfort when hauling ass somewhere in Switzerland…or wherever else this functional concept now calls home.

The press photos are anything but boring, however, with one woman model themed to match the vehicle…something that probably looked just as tacky on its launch in 1998 as it does now.