Saab Viking by Fissore


What do you think—not as sexy as the Saab EV-1 and more awkward-looking than contemporaries, like the Isuzu Piazza. The Piazza is an interesting point of comparison, as it hit the market two years before the Viking mock-up was presented. 

Giugiaro did the Piazza, and Fissore was responsible for the Viking. Fissore, Fissore…where have you heard that one before? Maybe, like the Magnum, the Viking would have been engineered to a surprisingly high standard. Maybe it was possible to doll up 900 Turbo mechanicals in order to upsell yuppies into a premium coupé.

I think it looks both awkward and nondescript… Not all concepts would have been good ideas, of course, but this is why there are so many forgotten concept cars like the Viking. The car would have performed reasonably well, but I can't imagine who would have bought it.