Sbarro Monster G

You're looking at a Land Rover Range Rover that's been stripped down to its bare chassis and built onto an off-road version of Frankenstein's Monster—all for the 1987 Geneva Motor Show.

At auto shows—and especially at European ones—few concepts have the draw of a bright red monster SUV with wheels borrowed from the Boeing 747. (Goodyear made special tires for them, too.)

While it may look like an unsophisticated brute, if the Ford Raptor truck could be considered the Blue Oval's off-road supercar, the Sbarro is closer in spirit to being just that: its open body is Kevlar composite, with a chrome roll cage for roll-over protection.

For power, this is 1987, so they haven't quite figured out how to extract a thousand horsepower from thimble-sized cylinders, as we have. The Monster G is fitted with a massive 6.9-litre V8 from Mercedes-Benz (as-used in the S Class and legendary 450 SLE "6.9").

Sadly, that's about all there is on the Monster G. Supposedly fitted with a generator and folding motorcycle, it was shipped off to Los Angeles to its owner—who presumably hasn't taken it out very often, because it'd probably be picked up by a traffic helicopter and followed around… Maybe then we'd know where the hell this monster is in 2015!