Subaru Vivio Super KK

This isn't a story about the neoclassic Subaru Vivio Bistro, Bistro Chiffon, Bistro SS, Bistro B-Custom, Bistro White Edition, L Bistro, Club Bistro, or Sport Bistro trim level. It's also not about the Vivio T-Top, one of the few ways to get a targa top in a kei car. 

It is about the 1993 Safari Rally, and how Subaru decided to enter three Vivio kei cars—just for kicks, you understand—and that one of them was piloted by Colin McRae. If you wanted a small-but-comically-fast Japanese hatchback, the quick teams were in Daihatsu Charades. Really—the cars finished 5-7, right behind the factory Toyota team.

The best-placed Vivio Super KK? In 12th. McRae's car broke, but he apparently set a fastest stage time along the way. This is likely a time set for his class, unless McRae somehow conjured up a few thousand more cc to the Vivio's 658. The car is supercharged, which is cool, but the result was just 85 horsepower. All-wheel-drive? Of course. Weight? 700 kg (1,543 lbs)—2 kg below minimum weight for a 2015 Formula 1 car!

Want to honour this small, quirky, and unsuccessful kei car entry into one of the world's toughest races and buy a Vivio of your own? Look for an RX-R or RX-RA, and be ready to fork over a few grand