Vanclee Highway


Imagine the difficulty in standing out among all other buggies. At the height of their popularity, Volkswagen Beetle-based buggy kits were everywhere—one even managed to sneak into Weird Cars. And because of the actual promotional photo you see above, this buggy may make it into Weird Cars 2.

In 1979, the small-but-relatively-successful Vanclee concern came up with something new: a buggy so refined it's actually a street car. With a massive hydraulically-assisted canopy and fixed sunroof, the car would have been a sweatbox in the summer and awkward to get out of once the rain starts…or if your garage ceiling is low…

Best known for the Citroën AX-based Munga fibreglass utility vehicle, there's not much out there on the Highway. I can say that it'd do about 200 km/h (125 mph), which isn't bad for a Beetle-based fibreglass car.

If you know anything more on the Highway, please reach out and I'll update this story. (And if you know the lady in the lead photo, I'd love to know what happens at a Vanclee Highway photo shoot!) For now, be happy there are a few Highways still on the road, no doubt confusing the hell out of anyone who comes across one.