Volkswagen Transporter by Oettinger

If the Volkswagen Transporter-based Porsche B32 isn't quite perfect enough, there's another supervan from Volkswagen, sort of, that may interest you. 

See, tuner OKRASA gained such a good reputation for getting power from the wasserboxer that its founder, Gerhard Oettinger, was asked by Volkswagen to help develop something new: a wasserboxer with two extra cylinders.

After Volkswagen backed out of the project—something it did a few times to Porsche, as well—Oettinger decided to produce what it called the WBX6. It's essentially an infinitely-rebuildable 6-cylinder OEM-quality Volkswagen motor, available in either 3.2 or 3.7-litres. Horsepower ranged from 165 to 180, and Synchro models were available, too…just not at the higher engine output.

Think of it as the GTI of vans, not the Porsche 911 of vans, if that makes any sense. With sports suspension and a host of structural upgrades, the van was treated to a comprehensive, no-expense-spared upgrade. 

In 2015 money, the price for this level of perfection would run you approximately €74,000 (~$83,400 Usd.), which is no small chunk of change. The neat thing, however, is that these engines are sort of around, meaning that for an enthusiast dedicated enough, it's possible to become the caretaker of what amounts to a limited-production Volkswagen flat-6 engine.

Some have swapped the WBX6 into different body styles of T3 and Vanagon, even pressing the unit into service for off-road adventures. It apparently turns the van into somewhat of an athlete, and if I'm honest, my ultimate car guy nerd fantasy is building a period-correct shooting break "GT" version of what would have been the Volkswagen-Porsche 914, with subtly different interior trim, more insulation, and a 3.7-litre WBX6 somehow stuffed behind the seats.

And maybe Synchro. Wouldn't that be wild? Anyway…

So have any of you driven or seen one of these things?  

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