Zamyad Co. Pickup

Let me tell you something funny.

I started to write this story before I entered the U.S., and I was able to easily grab photos and specifications from because—even though this truck started life as the Nissan Junior, it is still on-sale in Iran…even today.

This story is a companion piece to the one on the Junior, with one caveat: good luck learning more about the truck if you live in the U.S. Why? After I typed that address into my browser and hit "enter", I realized the site had been blocked, and my request deferred to a bullshit Time Warner Cable search page. That's right—web censorship! Over an Iranian automaker who still assembles Nissans that were originally designed in the late '60s.

(So I just did what you should do, and change your DNS settings in case you're censored as well. Free country? Ok, nice job on that. I never expected to run across web censorship when writing about cars.)


What's fun to me is that here's a truck that was just not selling in Asia by 1982, and after Nissan sold the rights to SAIPA (more on that company soon) in 1986, the Iranian automaker introduced the Z24, a Nissan Junior by any other measure. Fitted with a 2.4-litre engine of unknown origin, it was first built by Zamyad Co. in 1998, and finally sold as the Zamyad Pickup in 2003.

Zamyad Co. is still a subsidy of SAIPA, and handles the production and sale of commercial trucks and vans. I'm not kidding when I say that you can go to the company website and research the new-for-2015 Pickup, now available with both a Z24 (claimed to be Euro emissions-compliant) 2.4-litre 4-cylinder engine model, and a Z28 2.8-litre diesel version. 

My favourite part of this entire saga? Here's this truck that's been assembled in some form or another since the '70s, has been exported all over the world, is all but forgotten in the West, and is now a successful model in Iran.

But the official photos of the truck? The company doctored photos of scale models to "show" the potential uses for the truck, with dump truck, fire truck, cherry picker, and other bodies. I've included them below for your amazement and amusement.

Is this not all a bit…strange, in a roundabout sort of way?