Zender Fact 4


As one of the most requested vehicles over the last year, it's finally time to take a quick look at the Zender Fact 4. It's one of those cars that looks like it'd be a lot of fun, sort of like the missing link between, say, a Ferrari F40 and Audi R8. 

Like the F40, it was powered by a mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V8—from Audi. With about 450 horsepower, it'd hit 305 km/h (190 mph) and do the zero-to-you-know-what in 4.3 seconds.

The rest of its spec sheet is pretty easy: 1107 kg (2044), it has a 5-speed manual transmission

An independent firm creating its very own supercar? Pretty cool. Like I mentioned in my piece on the company's Vision 1S model, I find it admirable that company was both ambitious enough to want to build its own car—and then actually follow through on it. At least two were made (Coupé and Spyder, the latter with Delta Integrale tail lights).

That said, apparently the car was more show than go—the engineering solution for its immense Audi V8, twin turbos, and sleek mid-engined packaging called for a complex system of belts to move the car.

When I was a kid, I adored my Fact 4 Hot Wheels model—it was one of my favourites. But now, knowing it probably couldn't dance with other supercars on a winding road? A bit disappointed.